Welcome to my Sale-pages. On this site you will find some decals & stickers I have made.
I originally made them for my Hobie Adventure Island, but they are also very beautiful on other kayaks & canoes aswell !
They are about 40 cm long!, and well made from high quality and (salt) water resistant 3M Full color IJ-40 folie.

If you like this item, you can pay me by Paypal, and I will send the item(s) all over the world.
You have to add the pricing of the shipment to the price off the item, because there are different shipment prices.
See also the pricelist and make your choice : Netherland, Europe or World.

When I recieved your payment I will send the item as soon as possible to you.

Thank you for buying !


Mail me for questions

Rudy Prager
Groeneweg 19
4317 PV Noordgouwe
The Netherlands

From the US I recieved this lovely picture of the sharkheads with a doggie...Thanks Rob!



For €40,00 you will recieved the complete set, A & B. Somepeople use it on there Hobiecats and like to recieved 2xA for there hulls. Please mail me for this.